sav9episodeoneEpisode 1: Finding Roommates
Mike and Kelley are at their new house, to which they’ve recently moved from Boston. Mike convinces Kelley they need to find roommates to help pay for the mortgage due to the bad economy. Little does Kelley know that the real reason is Mike has lost his job and can’t afford the mortgage himself. Meanwhile, Mike befriends Chucho, an illegal immigrant, while passing his days at the beach pretending to be at work. The couple eventually find four roommates to fill their house. And the adventure begins…
sav40episode2Episode 2: Finding a Job
We are introduced to the new roommates as they set out to find jobs. Paul, an actor, has a commercial audition. Tina, also an actor, has an audition herself, but this one is for an adult film. And Suzie, a sixteen year old runaway from Orange County, seeks a job at a diner. Chucho is the only one with a steady job, cleaning at a bar overnight and making a little extra cash by secretly selling the booze to his friends at work.
sav15episode3Episode 3: Finding the Culprit
The episode opens with a house meeting. Mike is very disturbed by someone’s inability to flush the toilet. We are then introduced to Kelley’s side job–doing promos for food. Meanwhile, Mike tries to find a job for himself and must resort to dogwalking. The episode ends with Kelley confronting Mike about the situation they’ve gotten themselves into.
sav11episode4Episode 4: Getting the Job
Paul is struggling to book a job, and Suzie decides to help him on his audition, which leads to a passionate kiss. Tina finally gets a job on an adult film, but this one is behind the scenes. And Mike also gets a job as a dogwalker, which he must hide from Kelley. But all of these scenarios do not turn out for the best.
sav104episode5Episode 5: Hiding a Secret
It is morning, and Kelley catches Suzie sneaking out of Paul’s room. Meanwhile, Kelley has a secret of her own: she is selling pot to the employees at the supermarket where she is doing her promos. Tina finally gets cast in an adult film, Suzie reveals to some of the roommates how smitten she is with Paul, and finally, Chucho finds the woman of his dreams.
sav22episode6Episode 6: Lies, Love, and Dreams
The episode opens with Kelley smoking pot on the porch, who immediately disappears the second Mike comes out. He has no idea that she even has drugs in the house, and yet he has his own secret: his dogwalking job. We learn that he was fired because the dog died after eating chocolate that Chucho fed him. Suzie is the only one who knows about Mike’s job, and Mike confronts Suzie about her age. The two hold this information against each other. We then find Chucho telling his friend about Maria, his new love. Chucho pursues Maria while Tina pursues her career.
sav42episode7Episode 7: Encounters
While waitressing at Barry’s Biscuit House, Suzie runs into her cousin and admits that she ran away from home because of her parents’ divorce. In the meantime, a music executive who doesn’t like her “style” rejects Kelley. After another performance, Kelley meets Frank who compliments her. Paul dresses up as Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean and is approached by a “modeling scout” on Hollywood Boulevard.
sav101episode8Episode 8: Pursuing the Dream
While hanging out in the park, Mike meets Fred, an old friend who tells him about a job opening at his firm and invites him to join him and his boss for golf. Chucho continues to stalk Maria, this time bringing her flowers at the coffee shop where she works. Tina goes to an audition and ends up following Jose Farnsworth, a famous international adult film star, into the men’s room.
sav61episode9Episode 9: Highs and Lows
Paul meets with the “modeling scout” and falls for her scam, handing over $800. Kelley, on the other hand, is ready to give up her dream. As Suzie gets her heart broken by Paul, Mike and Chucho unintentionally eat Kelley’s pot brownies.
sav44episode10Episode 10: Unexpected Opportunities
Tina gets fired for performing sexual favors to Jose in the bathroom. Jose hears what happened and says he will help her get another job. Chucho and Maria begin falling in love. Mike meets Fred and his boss for golf, but the game doesn’t turn out as planned. And finally, Kelley gets a call from Frank, who happens to be a manager.
sav46episode11Episode 11:The Cat’s Out of the Bag
Kelley meets with Frank, who wants her to perform in front of some music executives. Paul auditions for the role of Jake in the musical version of “Sixteen Candles,” revealing his true love of musical theater. Suzie’s parents suddenly show up at the house. They accuse Chucho of sleeping with Suzie, which leads to a few secrets being exposed.
sav78episode12Episode 12:The Dream Comes True
Kelley gets the whole gang together for her big night. Mike gets a meeting with Bart, Fred’s boss; Tina’s and Paul’s luck begins to turn around; Suzie reconciles with her parents; and Chucho has some big new to share. Kelley finally gets to perform for a packed house.