35. From Boston. Career-oriented, slightly OCD, just wants a stable job. Lies to his girlfriend, Kelley, about being laid off to save his own pride.
Interests: golf, home improvement, Red Sox

28. From Boston, Singer-songwriter, pothead, promo girl, seeking a record deal. Lies to her boyfriend, Mike, about selling pot to her coworkers for some extra cash.
Interests: music, ebay, yoga

25. From Canada. Actor, slightly narcissistic, very naive, waiting to be discovered. Takes various jobs, from a costume character on Hollywood Boulevard to a simulated patient. His true love is musical theater.
Interests: anything John Hughes, Star Trek, fitness

16. From Orange County. Rich teenage runaway, diner waitress, pretends to be 21. Has a massive teenage crush on her roommate, Paul.
Interests: Miley Cyrus, fashion, parties

26. From Indiana. Wannabe porn actress, always late, wants nothing more than to star in adult films. Will do anything to get ahead.
Interests: tattoos, Latin men, wigs

25. From Guatemala. Illegal alien, works multiple jobs from selling oranges to cleaning bars overnight to even selling booze to his friends at work and pocketing the money. But all Chucho wants is love.
Interests: women, the beach, long walks on the beach with women