It can often be hard to appreciate our blessings and to make the time to give thanks. After a summer filled with obstacles, my luck has begun to change.  In a matter of weeks, I booked a lead role in a commercial, and then booked a voice over for a film. I was hired for a lucrative stage managing position and even landed a leading role in the upcoming film: “Who Killed Jacob Marley?”

Below are some mantra’s to stay in the moment and to live in love and light.

“I too am in contact with the source of all good. The divine good is on its way to me now. I gratefully accept the blessings of the Universe.

Contrary to popular thinking, being worthy isn’t something you earn, it’s something you recognize. You were born worthy.

I move beyond my fear into joy and faith and the deep 
knowing that I have the power to align my inner self all 
the way down to my material & financial experience.

I AM Divine

I AM carried by Divine

I AM abundant

I AM able to manifest all my desires

All that I desire flows to me

I AM Blissful

I AM Joyous

I AM Content

I AM Peaceful

I AM Loveable

I AM Worthy

I AM in Divine Health

I LOVE and ACCEPT myself fully

I AM fully connected to my true-self

I AM connected to many high vibrational souls that love and support me

My heart is fully open and I am receiving and giving LOVE in a perfect DIVINE flow.

I have healthy relationships with healthy boundaries in all areas of my life.

I AM in relationship and supported by high vibrational souls.

My life flows easily because Divine is guiding me.

I AM in harmonious relationships with my friends, family and community.

I AM Whole

I AM Confident