Bundle of Joy

A guy walked up to the taco truck line I was standing in and announced to everyone in the queue that he had DVDs and Deodorant for sale.  Hustler says what?  DVDs are a mainstay of street sales.  Whenever I go home to New York my mom will pop in a movie that is currently in theaters.  I’m always tempted to give her the spiel on piracy but then I remember that movies cost $15 and popcorn and a soda are just slightly less than a car payment.  So I keep my pie hole shut and enjoy whatever Tyler Perry movie we’re watching.  (unless it’s the holidays.  Then I fill my pie hole with Sweet Potato pie and watch Tyler’s latest.)

So selling DVDs at midnight at a taco trunk makes perfect sense to me.  It’s Los Angeles, it’s not like hoards of people will be walking the streets.  A Taco stand is probably your best bet to meet potential clients.

The deodorant is what threw me and everyone else in line, based on their looks after he mentioned it.  It’s possible that someone might want to watch a movie while chomping on their burrito.  I can’t imagine anyone in that line needing to smell good, STAT.  Not at least for another 7 hours.  No impulse, no impulse buy.  I pictured the street vendor defending his odd bundling earlier that day…

HUSTLER:  Look, people like watching movies, right?
HUSTLER:  People also like smelling good, right?
HUSTLER:  I’m going to give them one stop shopping.
HUSTLER’S FRIEND:  That’s a great idea…pass the bong….

It’s not only that he had deodorant but it was they way he kept pushing it.   Like if he kept saying it the people at the truck would be swept with the revelation that deodorant was the perfect accompaniment to DVDs and this guy was a genius for helping us see what was right in front of our eyes all along.  His conviction suggested that from this moment henceforth no man would ever purchase a DVD without also picking up a Speed Stick.  Electronic stores would suddenly have a deodorant aisle.   Netflix would send sample roll-on with every rental.
Conviction is a powerful thing.  Had this guy been at the DMV line and had more time to push his politics, I’m sure the DVD/Deodorant association would have been firmly made in everyone’s mind.  He just needed more time to turn the nonsensical into the obvious.

I didn’t buy a DVD or roll-on.  I did however get to my gig in North Carolina only to discovery that I hadn’t packed my deodorant.  Who’s the crazy one now?  I’m off to CVS to buy deodorant and maybe a new release.

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  1. me!

    So I keep my pie hole shut and enjoy whatever Tyler Perry movie we’re watching.

    That sounds like a normal day in my weekend. The Madea comfort food is standard fare out here on Belt Line Road.

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