Rocky Start

For me the key to travel is to do as the locals.  Although many locals don’t partake in their own claims to fames.  For example, I know a slew of New Yorkers who’ve never been to The Statue of Liberty.  They’ve never walked her hallowed halls but they can tell you where to go for the best bagels and killer pizza. I guess the key to a good vacation is following the locals while throwing in a smidgen of touristy things.  Get the foremost pizza AND see Lady Liberty.

I was recently in Gunnison, Colorado for a show at Western Colorado State University.  Gunnison feels like the old west with large streets that beg for a show down at high noon.  The streets are paved but it doesn’t seem right.  Like a guy dressed in a tux who looks okay but would be more comfortable in jeans.  The large streets are lined with coffee shops and restaurants that still very much resemble the saloons that once stood where they stand.

The show went well and we went to “town” afterward to eat.  The inside of the restaurant looked even more like a saloon then the outside.   Caribou heads hung from the walls.  I felt the urge to hit someone in the head with a bottle just because it seemed like that’s what should have been happening.

When you visit Chicago you have to get deep dish.  You can’t leave Maine without getting lobster.  And the thing to do in Gunnison, Colorado is to have Rocky Mountain Oysters…unfortunately.  When in Rome, eat bull testicles.

Luckily they weren’t served in spherical form.  They were flattened which caused every guy at the table to give a moment of silence.   As hard as it is to imagine anyone or anything’s “boys” being crushed it would have been even harder to eat them in their natural shape.  Another plus was that they came heavily battered.  Deep frying is the Spanks of food.  It makes anything look tempting.  Just make the outside appealing.  How about the inside?  Let them deal with that at the moment of truth.

Like most things it kinda tasted like chicken.  Well, chicken gizzards to be exact with a kind of liver aftertaste.  Okay fine, without the batter it would’ve been tough.  I wouldn’t say this was on my bucket list but I am glad to say I did it and without even being a contestant on Fear Factor.

The question is do Coloradans really eat Rocky Mountain Oysters or is it a massive prank they play on the rest of the nation?  As I washed down the “oysters” with my Arnold Palmer, I thought to myself.  Did I just do a local thing or a touristy thing?

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