Little Things Mean a Lot

Whoever said little things meant a lot was a very wise person.  Although, I think that statement is the abridged version of the sentiment it means to convey.  It really means little things that suggest a deeper thoughtfulness mean a lot.  Someone gives you a book of matches and there’s no need to throw a parade in their honor.  Now make that match book from the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach and, you once mentioned in passing that you collect HOB match books and the only one you didn’t have was the one from Myrtle Beach.   Suddenly that little gesture means a lot to you and your senseless collection.

I’m a simple man.  Some people co-op the “Simple” moniker but then you get to know them and they’re more complicated than Chinese math.  They contradict themselves so quickly, that you check them for gills. Thinking, they must be a fish to have such short term memory.

You can’t call yourself simple unless you’re also consistent.  That rules out an entire gender.   I’m not saying which one…but you know…  Anyhoo,  I’m consistent.  Almost to the point of concern.  Emerson said, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of a little mind.“  This would keep me up at night if he didn’t throw in the word foolish.  I’m predictable but there’s nothing foolish about flossing, putting on lip balm or moisturizing.

Basically, I do everything in between maintaining my teeth, lips and skin.    The up-keep of those three things is my real job and I squeeze in time to write and perform in between applications and dislodging food particles.

So when you see me do all three all throughout the day, cut me some slack because those things are important.  Would you rather I have gunk between my teeth, “powdered donut” lips and hands that look like I was twirling pizza??

Now that I’ve proven I’m not little minded let’s get back to little things that mean a great deal.  I was floored when my homie bought me almost a year supply of Floss, Lip Balm and Lotion.  And the good stuff to boot: Glide, Chap-Stick and Lubriderm.  What do you get the guy that has everything?  Well, last year it was an ipad, from ma-dukes and the fam-bam, this year it’s the tools to keep his game tight.

The gift was perfect because it’s so specific to my life.  I’ll use it everyday.  And what do I want next year?  Well, the same thing of course.   Well, maybe Tom’s of Maine Floss, Burt’s Bees Wax and Kiehl’s.  Just kidding.  Good looking Aaron.

4 thoughts on “Little Things Mean a Lot

  1. Dwayne,

    This just made my day. Inspires me to do something like that for someone special.

  2. me!

    Okay, Mr. Perkins —

    This post is the capper. I hereby designate myself as your Official Gay Wingman.


    An Open Letter to the Single Women of Los Angeles:

    Living in tinsel town as you do, it is no doubt the case that you have encountered more than the normal quota of poseurs, players, and ne’er-do-wells. More than many cities, Los Angeles (and specifically those parts dedicated to the business of entertainment), is a city rife with climbers and users.

    And because the prospects can be more than a little frustrating where you live, it is entirely possible that you have given up on the hope of finding someone with whom to share your life.

    Now, don’t get me wrong: You are a liberated, self-sufficient woman, one who does not require the validation of another. You perhaps have come to the conclusion that you don’t need a man at all. And of course you don’t. Fish and a bike, etc., etc.

    However, perhaps there are times when it strikes you that you would very much like to share your life with someone of quality. You are not looking for a meal-ticket; you are someone who understands at a fundamental level the importance of maintaining her own sense of self and cutting her own path.

    If you are that person, then I would humbly direct your attention to the post to which this comment is attached.

    The writer of this post is one Dwayne Perkins, a thoroughly decent man of eminent standards and good attention to hygiene, a man with a deep appreciation for the thought behind a gift.

    I encourage you to read this post and then read his other posts. I think you will find an honorable man who is consistent and fair in his appraisals of and treatment towards others. I also encourage you to avail yourself of his various stand-up performances, as the humor of a person is deeply indicative of their souls, regardless of whether they believe it to be so or not.

    I believe that you will find Mr. Perkins to be of consistent character and steadfast in every respect. He does not drink. He flosses. He moisturizes. He protects his lips from the elements. He travels frequently in his work but maintains a consistently high standard of behavior even when nobody is watching. He is loved and respected in Dubai.

    That is all. Let your inner voice be your guide. They will not lead you wrong.

    Official Gay Wingman
    to Dwayne Perkins

    • Administrator

      This is great!! Thanks for being the best hype man ever. Not sure when it happened but sometime in the last 20-30 years, fear became a leading if not the leading motivating factor in our general behavior and values. It permeates every aspect of society and makes things way harder than needed. And sadly, most people don’t even realize it. I know people may not think your post and this reply are connected but i think they are. I think fear is pollutes clear decision making and many people are lost in the proverbial wilderness because fear as informed their path. Fear turns no-brainers into things we never act on. Now all those women are probably thinking they should shy away from me. 🙂

  3. me!

    I think the connection is completely clear. And leaning into one’s fear is where much of the joy of life is found.

    And that “leaning in” can take any number of forms. Whether it takes the form of a (much, much younger version of) myself leaning into the possibility that all the really awful things I learned as a child about gay people might not in fact be true, or whether it takes the form of a (younger, but not nearly as much younger version of) yourself biting the bullet, swallowing the terror, and then stepping on the stage at an early open mic night, the basic principle is exactly the same:

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    Because although fear tells us that it’s safer to sit on the sidelines, that perceived safety is itself an illusion. Familiarity makes us feel safe, but feeling safe is not the same as being safe. So one might as well lean in, let the adrenaline do its thing, and then push on through anyway.

    Not to mention, life is a hell of a lot more fun that way.

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