Freaks and Geeks

The Daniel Tosh tour bus pulled into San Diego Saturday morning just as the changing of the guards was taking place.

If the freaks come out at night, and I believe they do, then dawn is that odd time when the goodie goods and the freaks intersect. It’s a wonderful time of day. Like a shift change in the factory of life. The not ready for prime timers give way to the “Up And At ‘Em” crowd. At dawn, the best of the best cross paths with the freakiest of the freaky or, if it’s the weekend, the hardiest of the partyers.

The morning joggers, draped in gore-tex and the latest offering in running technology on their feet, weave thru cleaning crews, empty bottles and the half awake folks dressed in their party outfits from the night before.

I don’t mean to have a pro morning person slant. I doubt the people heading to bed would trade the previous night’s debauchery for a running high. And the early birds don’t mind dozing off after the evening news to get up at 6am and face the world.

We need both factions. They both serve a purpose to the economy and culture on the whole. My goal has always been to run wild with the freaks but get up in time to do a mild jog with the chipper AM crew. It’s the great party hard-get up early conundrum that no one has quite figured out. Enter coffee, concealer and a well placed power nap.

I love the night life but I also love to boogie to a coffee shop at the crack of ass on my quest to be the story teller with the most-est. I’ve had a good run and I will miss the short skirts and don’t get me started on the cut off jeans shorts so short that the pockets are longer than the jeans. I’ll miss seeing girls hobbling on one heel with their slightly less drunk girlfriends holding them up. But my place is with the morning crew the people who see army commercials and say “Is that all they do before 6 am?!” I’ll have to find a way to wear out my inner night owl during the day so he doesn’t keep me up til 3am watching youtube rap battles. (Shout out to Murder Mook)

A shift change is a comin’. Good morning.

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