Overhead Dread

We often hear stories of heroism so selfless that they fill us with hope that maybe just maybe we humans will make it on this planet after all.  Someone jumps on a train track to save someone else or shares a kidney with a stranger, or “likes” one of your wall posts.

For me, these stories don’t exactly restore my faith in mankind.   For I travel and I believe that until we can share overhead space on an airplane, we can’t really expect any type of peace on earth.  How can countries compromise on borders when individuals can’t even team up to ensure no one has to check a bag? When people put itty bitty bags overhead or put their bag in sideways against the constant urgings of the crew and the big instruction label inside the bins, they’re not screwing some stranger out in the ether.  No, they are sticking it to someone they’re about to spend 5 hours with.  There’s no I in “fellow passenger.”

It’s just amazing that 100 people with enough money to fly on a plane need to get territorial and petty.  I have no qualms about moving someone’s bag or loudly saying, “who’s tiny under the seat bag is here taking up precise luggage space?!”  And how lazy and uncaring do you have to be to not turn your bag 90 degrees?!  It would be okay if the flight attendants didn’t plea with people to put their bags in wheels first 10-20 times while boarding.

Come on folks.  Let’s ensure human existence on this planet.  Let’s share overhead space.  And after we do, we can work on people who take up two parking spaces.

All this, of course, is contingent upon the machines not taking over.

One thought on “Overhead Dread

  1. lauren

    As a flight attendant I can’t agree more……looking forward to your show tonite! And some of those “carryons” are bigger than winnebagos….public please don’t put medications and important breakable stuff in your checked bags and this certainly also means your brains…..can’t we all get along?

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