Get ‘er Done…Incrementally

Today, a friend sent me an article about a calendar system that Jerry Seinfeld used or perhaps uses to write jokes and was kind enough to share with other comics.  It was sent to me because it reminded my friend of my intricate weekly activity system I have shared with her and anyone else who will listen; a system that I will share with you, my readers, in due time.

Of course, knowing that Mr. “Didja Ever Notice” has a system in any way similar to mine warms my cockles.  But for real inspiration I didn’t have to look that far.  My friend Randall may or may not have an elaborate work system but he does get an incredibly large amount of stuff done.  All the work I have done with Randall usually starts with a list being made, items assigned, and then that list getting done.  Randall makes a list quicker than anyone I know.  And when you pull back and take a wide look it’s not hard to see that Seinfeld’s system is really just a list, my can’t lose system, called “The Grid” among me and my friends, is really just a series of lists.

I think it’s fair to say that civilization on a whole has been built on the making and completing of lists.  The Golden Gate Bridge is really the culmination of hundreds of linking lists each with items that were completed until finally a car could drive from San Francisco to Marin.

I don’t think anything I’ve done is as intricate as the building of the Golden Gate Bridge.   And, while I do rely on people, there isn’t a team of a thousand people who all must do their job perfectly or else I’m floating in the Golden Gate.   No, I am the creator and overseer of my list.  Sometimes my list will involve working with others or an item on my list will be an item of a friends list.  Or an item on my list can be broken down into another list I make with a friend on a side project.

So the question to ask yourself is what is on your list?  Will the things on your list, upon completion, build a bridge that you want to cross?  Are there things not on your list that should be there?  Is there anything on your list not done with no signs of getting done? If so why? There are thousands of publications that promise to help you unlock your power and such.  All of them in one way or another will tell you to make a list.

Jerry Seinfeld’s Productivity on Steroids

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