What Up Oprah! (Funny blog from Comedy Central’s and NBC’s Dwayne Perkins)

I have long since been through with rappers talking about how they charter planes. Really? And not only do they charter planes it’s usually a G4 that your favorite rapper brags about hoping on with the same impunity that you display when you jump on the Manhattan bound R train. (Picadilly Line for my London crew 🙂 The money talk is a real drag.

But along comes a song about money, so catchy and so campy that you have no choice but to like it. I love the ‘billionaire’ song so much because it captures people’s rich ambitions…but not really. Even when I sing it my mouth defaults to saying millionaire. Wanting to be a billionaire is like wanting to be a superhero. It’s okay to dream about but too far fetched to stress about when you absolutely never become one.

The fact that the singer wants to be a billionaire so “freakin” bad suggests the singer knows the whole thing is a little silly. And that’s enough for me to give him a pass. It’s almost like he’s singing about being a gazillionaire. Just a guy with a few free minutes playing the “what-if” game. No harm in that as long as he dusts himself off at some point and goes about his daily chores. Lawns don’t cut themselves.

Every time he says “What Up Oprah!”, I giggle. It’s pitch perfect irreverence. Imagine being so rich that you can shout out Oprah like she’s your local skateboarder. It would be like meeting Jesus and giving him a pound while saying “What you tryin’ to get in to Lord?”

The main reason for being cool with it all is the fact that Travis McCoy raps about giving the money away as opposed to making haters nauseous. (Haters must have the weakest stomachs)

I just hope the album version doesn’t have “effin bad” instead of “freakin’ bad” That would tarnish the whole listening experience.

What would you do with a billion freakin’ dollars?

My friend Hasan has a different opinion of my latest guilty pleasure:

Btw: the greatest hip-hop entertainer of all time flys coach…sort of.

Billionaire song By Bruno Mars and Travis McCoy

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