Break, For Love (Funny blog from Comedy Central’s and NBC’s Dwayne Perkins)

One minute you’re at a bus stop in Birmingham, England enjoying the violin playing of a street musician. The next minute you’re at a bus stop in Birmingham, England watching break dancers break to violin music and you don’t care if the bus never comes.So, some breakers set up shop right next to a street musician and the result was a brilliant piece of audio-visual living street art. I’m not sure if the breakers and the violin player are a package but they should be. The blaring violin juxtaposed with the acrobatic feats better showcased the dancing than hip-hop would have. Hip Hop can be abrasive but the moments were fluid and smooth. At first what seemed like a contrast proved to be a parallel. Two forms of art that both take physical discipline and control coming together. Each making it easier to appreciate the other.The best thing was that the dancers and the violinist, though definitely putting their talents on display, seemed wildly content with the act of doing regardless what onlookers may have thought. There’s power in doing something for yourself, sans chest pounding.

I almost envied the woman who missed the bus. Enjoy the clip.

break dancing to the violin

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