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It’s hard to eat healthy in places outside of the U.S. Well, that’s if you’re trying to make your body look like your favorite action hero. Jason Statham, for those keeping score at home. However it’s a lot easier to eat healthy outside of the US if you’re simply trying to be reasonably fit. The latter tidbit can be attributed to smaller portion size and occasional walking on the part of our foreign counterparts. Our mixture of gargantuan portions and lack of exercise of any body part other than our thumbs and index mouse clicking finger has super sized our nation.

Since the U.S. is about extremes, we juxtapose our collective girth with a sizeable contingent of health nuts. People who don’t eat any bread, or refined sugar, and freak if anything that enters their oral cavity has any taste whatsoever. Surely, if there’s taste, there’s fat. Other places are just moderate. People eat decent portion sizes and go for walks. Done and done. No need to workout like Arnold or eat like Kate Moss.

This was highlighted when I asked the proprietor of my South African Bed & breakfast for egg whites. She had no idea what I was talking about. She’s pushing 50 and doesn’t know the term egg white! That’s because they eat the whole egg. The idea of tossing half the egg is so foreign to them that it’s laughable. And she’s in great shape. I doubt that she hits a spin class tree times a week. The proprietor asked her daughter about these strange “egg whites” and the daughter’s instant response was, “He must be American.“ So we’re known as fat people who eat egg whites? We’re a walking contradiction.

For extreme results, it takes extreme measures. But if you’re moderate from the beginning you’ll never need extreme results. Extremes make for good stories but moderation makes for a good life.

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