Going My Way? (Funny blog from Comedy Central’s and NBC’s Dwayne Perkins)

So I recently wrote two blogs about a run-in on a bus between a passenger and the bus driver. This all went down in Birmingham, England. What I failed to share in either blog is that I got off the bus two towns too soon.

I went to a Subway and ordered a meatball something or other and asked for directions. The guy in line ahead of me told me I was way off and then offered to drive me there. I hopped in.

Then two days ago here in Johannesburg I was lugging my groceries back to my Bed and Breakfast when a guy who was at one of my shows pulled up and told me to hop in. I hopped in.

I’ve been the recipient of quite a few citizen taxi rides. I was once driven from a chicken spot called Mama’s in a rough area of Chicago to safer pastures. (The tasty fried bird was well worth the voyage into the wrong side of town.)

I don’t recommend car hopping to my readers. I have a good sense of people (knock on wood), a third eye if you will. I have also done some citizen taxiing myself.

I once drove a lady home to an area in LA called The Jungle. This is where the “I’m King Kong” scene of the movie Training Day was shot. And this was way back when it was still “The Jungle.”

I don’t hitchhike, but if you offer a hitch I might forgo my hike.

Okay, no one tell mother about this one.

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