I’m on The Case (Funny blog from Comedy Central’s and NBC’s Dwayne Perkins)

How come cops in movies are always being threatened by higher ups that if they don’t get their act together they’ll be writing parking tickets.  Wouldn’t a safe job like writing tickets be a welcomed departure from being shot at?  Shouldn’t it be the other way around.  Shouldn’t the detective ask for ticket duty because getting shot at is getting to be a drag?

Basically they’re being told, If you mess up you’ll get a way easier job for the same pay.  It’s the same logic that always made me think school suspensions were silly but detentions make sense.

PRINCIPAL: Hate school, do ya?  Wanna keep acting up?  Well, I’ll show you.  Why don’t you stay at home all next week.  Feel the burn?

I say, having trouble in school.  How about some more school so you can better address those problems.

I used to get suspended at least once a year for fighting when I was in elementary school.  I can’t say I enjoyed the suspensions. I mean I did feel like a dry, cracking heel.  But at the same time it was fun and refreshing to catch up on old re-runs of the Odd Couple, Bob Newhart and Quincy.

I get that these movie cops take pride in their jobs and they genuinely want to catch the bad guys.  But with a clueless captain always threatening to throw them off the case and/or chew their butts off, I say write the parking tickets.  The bad guy is gonna escape in part II anyway.

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