I Tan Corrected (Funny blog from Comedy Central’s and NBC’s Dwayne Perkins)

So I’m at my gym the other day and I got an offer that I could resist. A girl from the tanning salon in the same strip mall as my gym was handing out half-off coupons. As she handed it to me I of course laughed and thought to myself,the tanning promotion girl’s got a keen sense of humor and impeccable timing.

Maybe she was hitting on me or just being silly. Or maybe she saw me and said to herself, “How can I make it into his blog?” As she handed me the coupon, as if for good measure, she said:

TANNING GIRL: Maybe you can go even out your tone.

Or, maybe she figured there’s one born every minute so why not throw out a net and see if she pulls in a sucker. Perhaps she wasn’t exercising her sense of humor but working on saying outrageous things with a straight face. Which, as we should know by now, can make a person millions. I mean if you can sell tanning services to a black man then the Eskimos don’t stand a chance when you come with your tidings of ice. Perhaps this Manhattan Beach, California girl had Philadelphia style hustle.

I was almost amused to the point of taking her up on her offer. See the silliness through to the end. Almost. I am often encouraged by my commercial auditions where all the other guys are white and somehow they bring me in. It’s like the breakdown* called for everyday white guys and Dwayne. I’m flattered that they feel they can sell their products with the likes of me without it necessarily being a “Black” commercial…Cuz they’re not so stingy**.

But I think I will self impose and draw the line at tanning booths. The only booth you’ll see me in will be in a diner or a late night karaoke bar.

*Breakdown – description of a role that a producer is casting for

**quote from the silliest McDonald’s commercial ever. Hopefully Tongue and Cheek, hopefully.  Also check out my blog about being recognized in Mcdonald’s.

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