Abba Dabba Do

So I saw this report on the pop group Abba recently. Their effect on the world is legendary. Their music? But I come to praise Abba not to bury them. My foot taps when an Abba song comes on (I was going to say “just as much as the next guy”, but what if the next guy is off beat. Or maybe he’s doing a syncopated tap.)

No doubt Abba is a major part of the soundtrack of our lives. But this one guy they interviewed had “ABBA” tattooed across his stomach. He proudly showed it off so I don’t think he lost a bet or was the victim of sophomoric hijinks. This guy willingly went to a tattoo artist and requested ABBA to be needled across his belly.

QSN: Can we blame the tattoo guy? I mean, a bartender can’t serve a drunk person. Shouldn’t there at least be a grace period for stupid tattoos? “Sir, are you sure you want a Mambo#5 tattoo?…Why don’t you think it over for a few days and come back”.

There is no way to make an Abba tattoo sound cool. It’s not a story people want to hear at parties. “I don’t mean to cut you off Abba Dude but I’m going back to hear the Insurance Guy’s soliloquy on Term versus Universal Life insurance…try the dip.”

At least Mike Tyson has a tattoo of Mao Tse Tsung. Which may not make sense but is so random that it just may make total sense. At the very least people want to hear Mike explain why he got it. Where as with Abba dude you instantly know all you need or would ever want to know. We’re all set here Abba Dude.

The craziest part? Abba Dude is a black guy. Nothing wrong with a black guy loving him some Abba. And I say kudos on the stereotype dismantling. But it’s a little jarring when someone links themselves to Abba with permanent body ink…When they don’t even know them.

Let’s hope it was a fake just to get him on TV. Let’s hope.

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