Crystal DNA Ball

Recently on the Today show I saw a DNA expert telling famous people their lineage history. Minus the crystal ball, scarves and sage, it was a lot like a psychic reading. At least with a psychic reading, time will prove whether Madame Lenora is right or wrong. With DNA readings you have to take their word for it. That or get a second opinion. But who wants a second opinion after being told they’re the direct lineage of Alexander The Great or have almost identical biological make-up to Julius Caesar.

I don’t mean to be cynical but you had to see Meryl Streep’s face when she was getting her DNA reading. It was the same look my Aunt Eleanor had when she got her palm read in Soho. Both were like putty in the reader’s hand. It’s exciting to think of your lineage. You can maybe even gain insight into your idiosyncrasies. Attilah The Hun was my Great to the 30th power Grand father…No wonder I slap people for no reason.

Way more important than tracing back umpteen generations is how to you treat people today and what you’re currently doing with your life. Okay, Shakespeare’s blood runs through you and you’re a distant relative of Warren Buffet…now what? It might be time to read a book and get that credit score out of the 300s.

I once spoke to my great uncle about my history and the insights he shed were touching and left me feeling better about myself. (shout out to Uncle Rudy) So, no doubt there is value in knowing about your past but even if you don’t know your past or your past is not awe-inspiring, you can always choose to make history starting with you. And remember…charity starts at home.

By the way, Meryl Streep is my favorite actress and Eleanor is my favorite aunt.

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