Super Bowl Funday (Funny blog from Comedy Central’s and NBC’s Dwayne Perkins)

So I just saw a woman on the Today show giving tips for how to eat this Super Bowl Sunday without taking in too many calories. The segment was called Game Plan For Super Bowl Eating. Game plan?! I’m telling you if we keep having people tell us things we already know we’re going to regress into needing instructions to wipe in the bathroom. It’s super Bowl Sunday! Eat what you want. It’s one day! Eat less on Monday. And if for some reason you can’t go to town, then don’t eat so much.

Rocket Science it is not. We have to remind ourselves that TV is on all the time and they have to fill all that time with something. As someone who is on TV and aspires to be on it even more, I can’t be too critical of the industry I want to break into. But I care about people…even if they don’t deserve it and even if I seem like I don’t. You always hurt the ones you love and I love you enough to say you don’t need a game plan for eating at a super bowl party stupid.

Let’s review this one more time. To lose weight you have to burn more calories than you take in. Stop me when it sounds like Quantum Physics. 3500 calories less per week will equal 1 pound of fat weight loss. That’s 500 calories more burned, per day, than you take in. Not easy but not mystic either. Take in the same as you burn and you stay the same weight. Take in more than you burn and you gain weight. Working out helps because you burn more calories and even if you take in the same as what you burn and you don’t lose weight, you may still turn fat into muscle and appear slimmer.

There is a billion dollar industry of diets and fitness equipment and dvds all based on the previous paragraph. A billion dollars based on a simple truth that we all know. Amazing. Enjoy the Super Bowl.

Who Dat!

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