Sweet Diabetic

I was in a crammed Borders Cafe in New York City. Getting a seat, like many things in New York, was a struggle. The line to order felt like college orientation. Look to your left and then to your right, one of you will not be getting a seat. Like a massive game of musical chairs with participants carrying pastries and hot beverages, people circled the chairs waiting for proverbial music to stop.

A Brooklynite in Manhattan always has a slight edge…(Brooklyn, we go hard) I skipped ordering all together and made a dash for a seat that was opening up. Fate favors the bold and I was moderately rewarded with a table I agreed to share with some medical students. Well, they were sittings next to me but I allowed them to place their extra books on the portion of my table that I wasn’t using. (Brooklyn, we share)

So I was making the most of my half of the table when another guy came and sat in the empty chair across from me. I was okay with this because he only wanted to use half of the half that the medical students were using. That’s 1 half of the table for me, 1 fourth for the medical students and 1 fourth for the new guy if you’re keeping score at home.

I guess since we were kinda family at this point the new guy started reading one of the medical students’ books. I felt like telling New Guy to play nice. As if he was reading my mind, he preemptively said to me, “I have diabetes so I wanna read up on it…”

Turns out the medical students were studying diabetes. Serendipity I tell ya. The new guy must have been a speed reader because he plowed through the bible sized book in 15 minutes and with his new found knowledge and confident swagger placed it back on the medical fourth of the table. New Guy then told the diligent duo “I have Type I diabetes so if yous need info over there, just ask me over here.”

Who says New Yorkers aren’t friendly? The friendly diabetic may not have made it into the medical students case study but he made it into my blog…over here.

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