You Dropped The Ball on Me…Baby

Happy New Year everyone. Remember, what you make of this year, the relationships you strengthen or disband, the work you do, the lessons you learn are all infinitely more important than where you were when the new year came in. People feel that whatever they’re doing when the new year starts will be what they’ll be doing all year. I did a comedy show on New Year’s Eve, but for most people this is a silly notion. Do you really want to be in rowdy crowds downing over priced drinks all year? This only works if you go to your place of employment to bring in the new year Which can’t work for most professions…

RESIDENT: Hey Plumber Jeff, What are you doing here? It’s New Year’s Eve.

PLUMBER JEFF: Thought I’d bring the New Year in the right way and install that new toilet you wanted.

RESIDENT: I don’t think this is the time to have my toilet out of commission…you’re welcomed to stay for the party…I guess.

PLUMBER JEFF: I’ll stay but can I at least re-caulk the shower tile. I want to be busy next year!

For the first time ever I spent New Years Eve in Times Square. I had a show in a hotel in Times Square. Like most New Yorkers I have never gone to see the ball drop. It’s just too hectic and cold. Maybe if the year started in June you could get New Yorkers to show up. We gladly concede that whole scene to tourists and New Yorkers who insist on acting like tourists. This year though, my VIP badge granted me access to the heart of Times Square. I was even allowed to go down and watch the ball drop, from a prime location, with 15 minutes left till midnight. With hundreds crammed into a space more suitable for dozens, my rib cage felt under siege from all sides. This lead to a little game of “Dwayne Displacing People” I pushed my way back to the hotel, went upstairs and brought in the New Year inside like a self respecting New Yorker oughtta. Am I going to be moving people out of my way all year? 🙂


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