Didn’t Mama Tell You To Wear Clean Undies(Funny Blog from Comedy Central’s Dwayne Perkins)

So, two weeks ago I did a show at the Improv in Hollywood as a favor for a friend. It was a last minute thing and the money was funny but he assured me the room would be packed and I actually needed the stage time.

What was set to be a regular Hollywood show filled with hipsters and tourists (the weekday crowd)*, turned out to be a televised television taping for Last Call with Carson Daly. In a last minute coup, my friend somehow worked a deal with them. Suddenly my charity show became a very respectable paying gig for national television. I left the house that morning not knowing I would be on TV. Thankfully I had my mobile apartment, my ‘04 Saturn ION with the manual roll down windows, with me. Or maybe I was with it. Whatever the case, I luckily had some wears in my ride suitable for national television. (Even if the television coverage is at 1:30 am and barely beats the Sham Wow commercials in the ratings.)

The show went well. But you can see for yourself tonight on NBC’s Last Call with Carson Daly, immediately following Jimmy Fallon.

I was taken back to when my grandmother told me to always wear clean underwear in case I got into an accident and they needed to undress me, I would have clean undies. There’s a gaping whole in this logic. If the accident is severe enough, you can forget about clean underwear. Or maybe the doctors will disrobe you and say:

Other than the involuntary movement, this patient had on extremely clean undies.

Catch me tonight on Last Call with Carson Daly.

* Valley and Inland people (aka bridge & tunnel) dominate the weekends in Hollywood.

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