A Friend of Mime

So, I have one more thing to add to the list of things I’ve done and you haven’t. Let’s review the list: I’ve met a monkey, served on the panel to determine Indianapolis’ best wings, watched a boxing match with Mickey Rourke (at his house with 3 other guys), ate mystery meat stew made by the locals from a big pot in Afganistan, went to a South African precinct after my friend got punched (long story), had high tea at the Penisula Hotel in Hong Kong, the list goes on…
My latest conquest? I had a conversation with a mime. That’s right, a mime in costume with make-up on, spoke to me. I was at a commercial audition and he spoke to me in the bathroom. I think it still counts because he was in costume. After he spoke he gave me a look as if to say…”Doh!”

ME: Too late. You spoke already. Save the trapped in the box routine for someone who hasn’t heard your voice…Larry.

People are usually comfortable around me. I’m just easy to approach I guess. Case in point: an elderly Japanese lady, who didn’t speak English, came up and asked me for the time…In Little Tokyo!

Maybe I just look like someone who knows what time it is.

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