Century Club

Did you know that just because you’re 100 years old and it’s your birthday doesn’t mean you necessarily get a shout out from Willard Scott on the Today Show?  I was shocked too.  I figured, there’s not that many people who make it to that milestone so the Today show big up must be a right of century passage.  That’s not the case.  I was watching recently and Willard Scott was doing the Smuckers, old as dirt, role call and several of the people had made several attempts before being chosen.  One lady was 104 and on her fourth try she got the nod and the mention on Today. Four times!?!  What if this lady was hanging on simply to get her moment of glory?  What if she was ready to let go and see all her friends in the sweet hereafter but had to stay alive because the one thing she wanted above all else, to hear Willard Scott utter her name, kept alluding her.

Edith Beckford from Spokane Washington: Everything on my body hurts.  I take 40 pills a day.  My pills take pills.  Why won’t Willard Scott say my name so I can rest and see my dear Seymore again?

Reaching 100 should be like pre-schoolers playing soccer….Everybody’s a winner.  And if the segment has to run long then take some of Roker’s minutes.  Or lose the weather all together*.  The weather is everywhere.  At this point, how could you not know the weather?  It’s on the bottom of screens, on the internet, the radio…I’m sure in a few years the option of having the current weather display in your eyelids will be available.

Let’s make room for everybody in the Century Club to get a shout.  As long as we don’t cut the Los Angeles local weather in the morning on NBC.  Elita Loresca can take up as much time as she wants.

* I love me some Al Roker so i’m not suggesting totally cutting out good ole Al.

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