Yes We Can

Well, I’ve lived to see a black president. Someone cue the flying pig. It’s rare that someone can fully inspire simply by the example they set. President-Elect Barack Obama is truly that person. I’m proud of America for trying something new. The definition of insanity, as defined by Einstein, is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. And why not try that new thing when it’s such a glaring beacon of positivity, tolerance, intelligence and consistent excellence.

This historic victory inspires me not only to believe but also to work harder. They said Barack wasn’t black enough. Then they said he was too black. Readers, I’ve been labeled not black enough. Being from the Coney Island section of Brooklyn that label has always bothered me. Have I not endured enough to get a pass? I hope to not let it bother me anymore. I’m just going to go about my work with conviction and love.

To my black brothers and sisters, we now have license to be great without the worry of not being black enough. And for my black brothers and sisters who think keeping it real means being scary, loud or “hard”…does it? Our great grandparents knew how to act. In fact they had to know how to act. Their safety depended on it. Not everyone can be as articulate as Obama but we can all be our own personal best and care for our fellow man.

Born a minorty?……Not a problem
No dad? …………..
Not a problem
Funny Name?……….
Not a problem

You can overcome it all through love, hard work and embracing people from all walks of life. I think this can be applied to any endeavor or profession.
And to white supporters and all other non -black supporters. Thanks for the faith you have shown. Like all other social progess in our history it would not be possible without the support and sweat of progressive white folks who choose to be inclusive, even if that means catching flack from friends and family. Doing the right thing even when it doesn’t immediately benefit you is the true sign of a just person.

I’ll step down off my soapbox. I’m not sure why I wrote an acceptance speech but it came to my heart and I typed it out. Sorry if a bit of self righteousness oozed out. It’s not my normal way. But there’s nothing normal about this day. Ice Cube put it best :”Today was a good day.”

This momentous occasion has also inspired me to write my manifesto (more on that in the future.) I hope this inspires you to do something you have wanted to do for a while.

2 thoughts on “Yes We Can

  1. HelenTheHermit

    It’s the kind of thing that gives you hope and revives your faith in mankind.

    Amongst all the bad history being made, it’s nice to have a big step forward like this.

    Look forward to the manifesto!

  2. kindly ol' dr c....

    D, old white fart here, just started reading and am a fan already.

    ex: <<<< Would I still get the ticket? Would the laugh be worth the beating?>>>> more truth than poetry….'specially since the obvious answer is: Yes, hell yes!

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