One thought on “Video Blog 5/Comedians on Call

  1. AngieatWhatNewsShouldBe

    Dwayne – despite any nerves, you did great on Conan and I wish you the same good luck at the Gotham next week. Could you (or your cousin, Kyle) please respond to the email I sent to you at your yahoo email address right after I saw you on Conan. Here it is again:
    Just saw your great act on the Conan O’Brien show. I’d like to
    put that hilarious and important clip of you talking about how
    you “helped” those starving kids in Africa on my website, but I don’t see it on youtube.
    Could you send it to me and/or upload it to the web and permit me to link to it? My website (a continual work in progress) has a section on hunger and I was actually thinking of adding to it a section on comedians tellingly
    talking about the most pressing issues facing humanity. The clip of you I hope you permit me to use would be great to include. Thanks
    for your consideration & keep up the good – and funny – work!
    Angie D. – also born & raised in Brooklyn (but now living in the Bronx)

    [email protected]

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