Chicken Run

Last night I decided to go through the Jack in the Box drive-thru. I really just wanted one $1 chicken sandwich to take the edge off. (just something to hold me over until I got home, where a can of Target Chicken Noodle soup was screaming my name. Yes they sell Chicken Noodle soup at Target and yes there is a Target brand.)

QSN: I’m pretty sure 50 years ago people never envisioned a place where you could buy: a humidifier, guitar strings, a gazebo, frozen turkey legs and an active gortex fleece hoodie all under the same roof. (maybe Macy’s but no food there and the main one in NYC has 9 floors. Target defies the time space continuum by somehow having all that crap on one floor, in most cases)

There was a big Suburban in front of me in the drive-thru line, taking way too long. I thought maybe it was the special order guy. You know the type, it’s Jack in the Box but they think it’s a five star restaurant. Now tell me about your barbecue sauce. Are we talking hickory…*

So my quick chicken run became a test of patience. Luckily, I had Lily Allen’s Smile on repeat on my mp3 player. I finally get to the window and I see the guy in front of me ordered 64 dollars worth of food. This was Sunday at midnight, BTW. When I got to the speaker I ordered 2 $1 chicken sandwiches. Somehow, I felt ridiculous ordering one $1 dollar sandwich after waiting 10 minutes and yet I couldn’t go crazy cause the chicken soup with the bulls eye on it was waiting in the wings.

$64 dollars?! Was it jumbo jack fiesta night down at the local orphanage? I really hope the Suburban was ordering for ten or more people. Even after I got my lowly chicken sandwiches the Suburban was still off to the side doing inventory. I’m pretty sure a spread sheet and price gun was involved.  After 50 dollars it’s not longer an order, it’s catering.

I should have had a Snicker.

QSN: Quick Side Note
* I ask a lot of questions when I order but that’s mainly in sit down places. I respect the sanctimony of speed and ease that is the drive thru.

One thought on “Chicken Run

  1. Anon

    When I was sitting in the drive-thru at KFC, I thought about you and this blog. I was behind a minivan and it took forever for them to get their order. Usually I play with the radio, check my teeth in the rearview mirror – you know – busy work but after a while, I began to focus on the this van.

    It had a Princess on Board and a Have a Fairy Nice Day bumper sticker on the back and a Disney World Princess license plate holder.

    As I was waffling back and forth on whether I loathed this person or not – I was pushed over the edge when I noticed a glass slipper on the dashboard where a bobble head of something should have been and a chandelier hung from the rear view mirror.

    I don’t think she hit the 60 dollar mark in her order, but she did have to check the bag repeatedly and ask a ton of questions before ‘Princess’ was satisfied with the exchange and drove away.

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