It’s Just an Illusion

I don’t want to hear any Los Angeles city official say they don’t have money for schools when they have clearly spent millions installing holograms above every freeway overpass. This is why you look up at the freeway and see traffic moving smoothly then you hop on and it’s at a dead stand still. That sequence of moving traffic is a repeating hologram. Could traffic really have gone that sour in the time it took you to go up the 1/8 mile on-ramp? And where is that rainbow Prius you just saw with kids inside singing with glee and the Mother in the passenger seat on the bongos? I’m on to their game. If these holograms weren’t in place then the streets, as well as the freeways, would be at a stand still. Maybe they’re necessary but I can’t dance this dance anymore. When in doubt, I take the mean LA streets.

One thought on “It’s Just an Illusion

  1. mr bad guy

    Dwayne, quick question: I love comedy, I love laughing and I enjoy making people laugh…does that qualify me to be a comic or are there more things to consider?…

    I’ve always wondered whether i should keep my comedic senses to the vicinity of my close friends and women…until i recently i realized i don’t have either so i’m like why not….

    Your blogs are hilarious by the way…

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