Working on the Train Gang

In a span of 10 minutes 3 different groups of young men came on the Subway in NYC and announced they were selling candy to raise money for their high school. These schools really need better funding. Can we really expect these kids to perform well in school and peddle candy? 1 guy was clearly over twenty five. So, obviously the juggling of school and candy sales has forced the poor guy to have to repeat a grade or two or three. Let’s give more to the schools and take back our children’s time. I mean 2 of the guys didn’t even have time to shave. I can only imagine what their lockers look like.

2 thoughts on “Working on the Train Gang

  1. JStakes

    Nah. Make em sell refrigerators for all I care.

    In response to your question in the other comment box, it doesn’t matter to me how basic or nasty your template is. Looks tends to affect a great percentage of people though; I think you could probably score more readers if you jazzed this up a bit. If that’s a priority for you, I’d say go with a change.

    Your main site don’t use this template.

    I love you for who you are, Ugly Boy.

  2. Diddy

    The decline in school performance, especially in public schools, are probably attributable to the stress of academics and candy sale. I remember the many sleepless nights of not knowing if I will meet my See’s candy bar quota to stay in the Latin Club. Your research should be presented to Congress.

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