It’s Getting Hot in Here

I did a show for a biblical college last week. Keep it clean young man. The show was in a big banquet hall at a country club. The president of the school prayed for the students right before I performed. In the adjacent hall a huge party was going on. So, as the president prayed Nelly’s “Hot in here” was blaring next door. You could barely hear the prayer over the beat and the people screaming. “Wanna pray… but can’t stop foot from taping…” I would have given anything to see the Pastor to break into a freestyle prayer.

“Hot in here” seemed eerily coincidental. Like, hell is only a banquet hall away. “It’s getting hot in here…so repent all your sins…”

One thought on “It’s Getting Hot in Here

  1. Anonymous

    That was definitely a funny moment…Gabe and I were about to die trying to keep from laughing out loud during the prayer…whew…

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